Angels Holiday 3: Linda attacks Léana, she balances on a censored battle

adminNovember 29, 2018

Léana swung on Linda's attitude during one of their altercations on Angels Holidays 3 on Snapchat.

The war is declared between Linda and Léana! By the way, Thomas & # 39; ex made some great revelations about What Happened On Angels? Holidays 3: Viva Espana in his story Snapchat.

Linda tackles Léana and the other candidates for Holiday of the Angels 3

It was during an interview with Sam Zirah that Marco's ex-deputy took stock of his stay in Marbella and said:

"I did not feel comfortable with other candidates. We are very different. In my mind, I felt like an intruder, I did not really know what I did there (…) We were filmed from morning to night. I had pressure on My shoulders when I filmed. It was some cool days, but others a little less. I was not part of the group, they made no attempt to come to me, nor did I do any effort. "

Léana relaxed Linda on the set, she turns!

As viewers have seen in recent episodes, the power did not flow between Léana and Linda. The former candidate of the angels 10: let's celebrate has settled on this topic on Snapchat by making some revelations:

"When I made fun of Linda, the girl flew a cable. She hit me. I did not want to beat her because, if I hit her, she was kicked off the program. She slapped me, I went to offend her (…) She's really stamped brain, it's a schizophrenic, a madman.

Good and good There is a lot about their current reports ! At the moment, Linda has not responded to the Léana words, but it will not last long! For her part, Sarah Fraisou has started a new project!