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adminNovember 20, 2018

Get a load of that smile! Angelina Jolie clearly can not get enough of her daughter, 10. The actress was quite a smile outside of Vivienne's karate class. Have a look!

Hi now Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, 10, is taking karate classes and her mother is clearly enjoying the observation. Angelina Jolie43, he could not help the smile on his face as he watched his daughter's class on November 19 in Los Angeles. She seemed very proud of her little one, standing in the back of the dojo while holding a Starbucks cup and smiling. The mother of six children wore a bright silver overcoat over a black suit with sunglasses on top of her head, and her dark hair was separated from her face in a low bun. Could Angie be more impressive?

It's no secret that the actress is in the middle of a custody battle with her ex Brad Pitt, 54, but this is not the first time they have seen her with her little ones wearing a big smile. Just a day before, they saw her take her dog for a walk with Vivienne, her twin brother. Knox, 10, and Shiloh, 12. and although Maddox17 Peace, 14, and Zahara, 13, they were not there for that exit, she's been taking everyone of your children as the custody battle continues. And whether they're taking a walk on Labor Day, ice cream or shopping, Angelina always looks so happy to be with her children. We love that everyone stays together in this difficult moment!

But as for your ex, according to reports, find these family outings very annoying. "Brad feels that Angie manipulates the children, trots them in public to make her look like an incredible mother in an attempt to win the divorce war in the court of public opinion," said a source close to the actor. EXCLUSIVELY. "While Brad continues to foster his relationship with children in private, behind closed doors, he gets upset every time Angelina puts the children on public display, something Brad is working hard to avoid while the divorce war goes on. The privacy of children is more important during this time and it saddens her that Angelina does not protect children in the same way. "

angelina jolie vivienne karate class

But there is nothing wrong with taking a karate class. We hope that Vivienne had as much fun learning self defense in the dojo as her mother did!

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