Angélico Vieira's parents sentenced to pay compensation – The Television

adminDecember 28, 2018

After several years of trial in court, Angélico Vieira's parents, ex-Dzrt, were even sentenced to pay compensation to Armanda Leite, the young model who traveled in the musician's car and persistent irreversible damage after the accident that killed ex-moranguito in full A1.

Seven years since the fateful accident, Filomena and Milton Vieira, the musician's mother and father and their heirs will have the right to pay Armanda Leite $ 552,000, but this will not be the only value to be received by the young woman who will also be refunded in equal to the amount of 1.5 million euros of Impocar ​​stand Vila do Conde, Augusto Fernandes and Automobile Guarantee Fund. It has been recalled that it was the Vilacondense stand that borrowed the BMW 635 convertible car without valid insurance that exposed the actor and the music.

Angelel's parents were already acquitted by the Court of Appeal by another conviction of paying a 1.5 million euro compensation to the young model.

The music died on June 28 after the car accident on the A1, at dawn on June 25, 2011. With him three friends followed in a high-end car of 240 km / h on the screen, in Estarreja. Angelico Vieira and Hélio Filipe, who were still in the back, lost their lives. Armanda Leite was 98% disabled, with fourth occupant unlucky.

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