Andreea Marin, decision after health problems: "Ready"

adminDecember 29, 2018

Only a few weeks after giving their great feelings to their surgeons because of surgery, Andreea Marin took a radical decision.

The star known for its healthy lifestyle has revealed that it is due to leave the country for a detoxification clinic. Andreea goes to Turkey, where she will benefit from a few days of body and facial treatments. This has announced their virtual friends in the coming days:

"Ready! I replaced cozonac and salads with tasty fruits and salads, energylessness restored through sports, imbalance with pilates, lack of care due to body and facial treatments, today's noise with pleasure reading quiet and piano I had left. start the year with a few detox days, and it's like new. 44 years is my most beautiful age, and I deserve to take care of me! "Andreea Marin announced in the online environment.

A few weeks ago, Andreea revealed that she had great feelings after the operation she had suffered because she was afraid of being diagnosed with cancer.

"What convinced me to act is my constant attention to health and the desire for balance. We know very well that without health we have nothing. I had a problem and should be objectively analyzed by a specialist. I was fortunate to meet a special empty (…)

My health problem involved risk, but God was with my hand on my shoulder and I thank him. It was even the extremely inconvenient risk of an adverse response from the biopsy that was performed during the operation, but I am very happy to be healthy today, the recovery goes well, I got rid of the daily cervical discomfort, I went back to sports training and I feel better and better, "said Andreea Marin.

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