Andreea Esca's surname is on "Exatlon 2019"

adminJanuary 7, 2019

No official date has been announced for "Exatlon 2019", but the premiere of the third season comes at a fast pace, and the show will also be filmed in the Dominican Republic. The producers have chosen the team from Romania who will work with it in Turkey, have chosen journalists and stars and have already gone to the destination where the shooting takes place, on the sunny beaches of the Dominican Republic. Sources Click! say that there have been negotiations with several stars and that the selection was much stricter than in previous editions. The conversation with football player Cristian Alexandru Daminuţă, husband of Adam Adam, Sorin Andrei Nicolescu, and many other musicians such as Matteo or Mellina have been in secret. Our sources say that for "Exatlon 2019" negotiations were also held with Mario Fresh and Lino Golden, the two soloists "adopted" by Alex Velea and Antonia, and worked at the Golden Boy Society.

It is known that Mario Fresh, in his true name, Mario Gălăţanu (19 years), participated in the "Romanians Have a Talent" and became a footer of Force Hall with an enviable physique. The child, who has a stable relationship with Alexia Eram, daughter Andreea Esca, tries to copy Alex Velea and make sports almost daily. So is Lino Golden (21 years old), in his real name Radu Cârstea, who managed to lose over 30 kilos through sports and diet over half a half. The young man shot last year with the song "Panamera" and in December he made a great car.

Andreea Esca's son-in-law at Exatlon?

When he returned to Mario Fresh, he could easily accept the proposal, because his girlfriend Alexia is stunned in London, so their relationship has become a remote control. If he accepted the "Exatlon" challenge, Mario Fresh would have all the support of Andreea Esca, even though she is the star of PRO TV. The child came to the heart of those who are family in Stiriste, and is very much appreciated by the entire Esca-Eram clan.

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