André Gago says he was fired to go to funeral

adminJanuary 7, 2019

André Gago appealed to social networks Monday to reveal that he was fired from a theater production, which he did not reveal, to be late after attending the funeral of a close friend.

In an open letter titled "Out of Value", the actor who gives the life of Dionísio depicted in the novel "Valor da vida", to broadcast on TVI, depicted that in his more than 30 years of career he had never been rejected and that he had warned the theater company that would come a few hours late for repetition. "I came home with a mix of emotions: the absurdity of the living world and the absurdity of death, which reminds us that life is a short struggle where there are values ​​that are more important than the strict observance of schedules," he wrote.

The interpreter also said that this was a production announced "on the knee" and it was early reported that there were some obstacles to having commitments earlier this month. "I'm used to this: productions will always have the maximum time from us and it's bad to have a life, even if it is professional," he said.

André Gago also admitted that due to the production in which he was involved, he had to postpone several deals, namely medical agreements that have not been labeled since October, because it is necessary to "work and be available to those shocks that lack of planning establish."

"I am used to the fact that only the actors cannot be intimidated, such as funerals, for example, I do not forget the feeling of my friend's embrace as I went to give condolences. More than the job I lost," he added.

factory Perception

He also used the opportunity to reflect on how companies see the theater. "Absolutely and unchanged availability: This seems to be crucial for some people's perception of what's very important in the theater. Not for my theater design, of course, which differs greatly from the idea of ​​office, factory, flute and clock," he wrote. "Now I want to enjoy the sun on this beautiful and sad day, think of life, and then I will continue to work, something I really enjoy doing," he concluded.

André Gago has received much support and praise from his followers. "Powermate, other jobs will arise … anyone who is born with talent, never loses it" or "Favn solidarity! It is not worth spending time or talent with those who do not deserve it" are some of the comments that can be read to the post shared by the actor.

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