André Gago declined to miss two hours of rehearsal to go to funeral

adminJanuary 7, 2019

andthis Monday, actor André Gago has taken his official Facebook page in to realize that he has just been fired from the game he participated in. This is because he missed two hours of an exercise to go to a funeral, he reports in open letter called "Of Production Values".

"I went to a funeral today. I warned yesterday that I would not go to hours of rehearsal for a game to be released on the last day of January. When I arrived at what was to be the fourth day of rehearsals, with a delay of two and a half hours, I was fired, this is the first time it happens to me ", started writing.

And he continued to emphasize his rebellion: "I'm used to this: The productions will always have the maximum time of us [atores] And it is not good for us to have a life, even if it is professional. "

André also notes that they have set up work, especially at the health level, because of the requirement for the tests. "I'm used to the fact that only the actors can't be intimidated. Like burials, for example," he added.

Nevertheless, although upset by the situation, the artist shows a calm conscience and does not regret having lost the paper: "I do not forget the feelings of my friend's embrace, to whom I went to give condolences. Gladly I went to the funeral. It is worth much more than the work I have lost. I hope the play goes well. And I want my colleagues a long and smooth life. Absolute availability ".

"Now I want to enjoy the sun on this beautiful and sad day, think of life, and then I will continue to work, something I really enjoy doing," he concluded.

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