An old French Miss weighs on Johnny Hallyday

adminNovember 29, 2018

This former Miss France has balanced things not very good at Johnny Hallyday. The lady with the hat fell in an interview.

Known for being in the chair of the Miss France Committee for many years. But she also seems famous for not having the tongue in her pocket. Because Genevieve has always made the former France the shame for his departure.

She fainted!

In fact, it is Geneviève de Fontenay. What she thinks she says it and that since the beginning of her career. At 86 o'clock she failed to beat his enemies.

Then she does not understand "The White Box"or "The Funeral in St. Barts"or "Hype around the release of his album". In addition, she discusses cases by Johnny Hallyday and his blurred relationship with the Department of Public Financing. "He is the only French singer who was buried in a tax haven and he was not a good taxpayer."

After Johnny Hallyday, Macron!

And it is in the columns of Jour de France that Geneviève de Fontenay wanted to express himself in detail without any embarrassment about why she did not like the head of state.

"I think he does not have the president of the republic! And I think he will not finish his period if it continues. That's head of state at Medef, and I sent him a text message I wrote to him:" You have banks instead of the heart ".

And she adds: "Macron thinks he's the new Sun King! Very badly surrounded, he's spending money on everything goes to the richest and he does not understand the great poverty that exists in our country …"

So much to tell you that this interview will make a lot of inkflow. Because it suddenly attacks people rather famous and important … Then she also swam at Daphne Burki, Cyril Hanouna. Laurent Fabius, Jean Luc Melanchon.