An impressive view of the concert of Lucie Bila in Bratislava

adminNovember 26, 2018

Last year, fans of the Czech celebrity Lucie Bila had a Christmas present at the bustling Winter Stadium in Bratislava.

Its performance was unique, the first time 3D technology and holographic shot were used in a concert of this size in Slovakia. This has enabled more interesting visual effects, for example Duet Lucie White with Lucius Bila – a real and one of the holograms. "It was an unforgettable experience to sing a duet with Luka Bila – it never happened to me before," The main role was enjoying the enjoyment of the concert. "It was like or on earth. It was an adventure and a very strong emotional experience. "

White you Open the gallery

White has replaced several beautiful dresses, the author of this is Boris Haneček, and has been graciously complemented by her personal stylist Sandra Zigova. The insignificant accompanying group of Petr Malášek strengthened this time A 40-member orchestra that has improved the holiday atmosphere. One of the strongest moments in the evening was when the singer came out of the stage and stared through the audience with the emotional song Most Over the Past.

After the concert, Lucky White rewarded a prolonged ovation, and many of them went away after a strong experience, as evidenced by comments on the Czech star's social network. "At that time, it would be almost 120 minutes not only dedicated to the door of the flailing Vianociam, snow and joy, but also to the faith, the family, the angel, the love of God and even to Our Lady. If we did some of it and there were also some winters, we are very happy and thank Lucke for the opportunity, said the evening's author and organizer Silvia Nemčovičová after the concert.

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