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adminOctober 31, 2018

In an iconic Love & Hip Hop: New York The scene became legendary. GIF, which was later immortalized in his debut mixtape. Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1"Foreva", the artist who used to be known as Belcalis, Marlenis Almánzar explained: "If a girl has meat with me, she will have meat for her." Cardi B could be the best hip-hop success creator right now, but at the end of the day, he's still as mean as ever: he just graduated from his South Bronx drama to Harper's party. Bazaar ICONS.

As befits a chart-topper, Cardi B's current nemesis is Nicki Minaj, the self-proclaimed Rap queen. Throughout her career, Minaj carefully tended her garden of grudges, asked Miley Cyrus "what's good" and comes and goes with Remy Ma. But Nicki vs. Cardi is Kobe's skin of celebrity fights, an extended animosity between two A-listers that reportedly culminated with Cardi B throwing a shoe. This drama in several parts has it all: air heels, Instagram rants, several Love and hip hop stars, and a CVS offset of receipt length.

Unfortunately, like all good things, it eventually came to an end this week, with Minaj resolving to "focus on positive things only from now on" and promising, "I will not discuss this nonsense again."

But that does not mean we can not!

During an article on "Swish, Swish" by Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj refers to Cardi's boyfriend, Offset, and "silly rap beefs".

Nicki Minaj replies: "Lil bitch, I heard these tags were trying to make me another / Everything you're getting is my fault".

Cardi B calls an anonymous artist during a show and says: "This bitch, she never liked me, I never liked you, bitch".

In a red-carpet interview, Cardi B insists: "I really do not want problems with anyone," but adds: "If someone has a problem, I do not really have to deal with the whole industry issue." Like, you know, I blow it with these hands. "

Cardi B, once again, denies the flesh of Nicki Minaj and explains: "She has never fucked my man".

Nicki Minaj publicly congratulates Cardi B for the record success of their "Bodak Yellow" success.

The drama unfolds when Nicki and Cardi finally appear on the same track, "MotorSport". When the music video falls, the observers of the fight take into account that the two rappers never appear together on the screen.

Cardi B calls the rumored beef "made on the Internet".

Minaj says she was hurt by the drama "MotorSport" and complains that Cardi B has never shown her "a genuine love in an interview".

The two stars look good at the Met Gala. Cardi B then confirms that they solved their problems in the event.

Minaj addresses the enmity on Queen Radio: "For me, [Cardi] I may have had a problem with the things I said, but I'm not going to bite my tongue … You go into the wrong game if you want people to kiss your ass and suck your dick all day. "

Cardi responds: "Imagine submitting but you have blocked me from all social networks".

Cardi B writes a long post on Instagram about the altercation at Harper's Bazaar party, beginning: "I've let a lot of shit go by … I let you slip away, I let you go to bed, I let you try to stop my suitcases, fuck me the way I eat! "She states that" all bets are canceled "because Nicki dared to question her abilities as a mother. (The video of the altercation shows Cardi shouting: "Play with me whore […] keep fucking playing with me, play with my slut bitch […] I'll fuck your ass. "

Four days later, Minaj returns to Queen Radio to summarize the situation, describing the fight as "so mortifying" and denying that she has ever said anything about Cardi B.'s daughter.

Minaj seems to rekindle the march back and forth, using her program Queen Radio to make several accusations against Cardi, and denying that she has leaked the telephone number of the Bronx rapper to her rabid Barbz. Cardi B responds on Instagram, threatening to sue Minaj for defamation and alleging that he rejected some opportunities that Minaj took advantage of. Minaj then dares to Cardi to take a lie test, as one does. The diseses are exchanged and, apparently, Cardi shares Minaj's personal telephone number with the world, reminding us that this enmity is … Foreva.

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