Amy Schumer jokes about competing with Meghan Markle now that both are pregnant

adminOctober 23, 2018

Amy Schumer Yesterday, October 22, she gave the Internet some surprise when she announced in the Instagram story of her friend that she was expecting her first child with her husband Chris Fischer. Of course, Schumer is not the only high profile celebrity who recently revealed that she is pregnant. Exactly one week ago, Meghan Markle confirmed through Kensington Palace that she and Prince Harry also have a baby on the way, putting an end to all that unfair speculation that surrounds her. coats Y straight hair. (Yes, people really thought that Markle's straight hairstyle a few weeks ago suggested that she was pregnant, it's some kind of real conspiracy).

the Trainwreck the actress broke her silence at the moment of her pregnancy in a statement to the Los Angeles Times"Chris and I are excited and almost certain that he is the father. [Meghan] Markle every step of the way. "

Seriously, I only thought about 15 movie plots based on just this quote. Think War of brides meet Baby Mama but also with some real mixed themes. Is Contrast Are you looking for a last minute addition to your Christmas movie slate? Because this sounds like a great success.

Leaving the jokes aside, we congratulate Schumer and Fischer. Let's celebrate revising the time when Schumer disguised himself as a giant baby in the Ellen show again in February. She I speak about the trick a few months later with the presenter Ellen DeGeneres, saying: "I never wanted to have children, and then I saw myself as a baby in your program and I thought: Who am I to deprive the world of such a beautiful baby? ? "


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