American Idol candidate Mike Müller: What he says about stroke attacks in Cologne – Cologne

adminDecember 27, 2018

Apparently, not much was missing, and ex-American Idol candidate Mike Müller (32) would have killed a man to death!

During the second division duel 1. FC Cologne against VfL Bochum Friday night, he was at the stadium with another FC fan together. Müller should have kicked the 24-year-old massively against his head, so he had to be hospitalized. The young man is said to have extinguished his tongue, is currently not in the hospital. The reports from Cologne "Express".

Seven years ago, Müller was one of the favorites in the DSDS team with Pietro Lombardi (26). As a "song rubbish man" he made it to the show of the last 15. Now the serious claims against the fan of 1. FC Cologne.

"I'm so sorry for everything. I was heavily drunk," the singer is now quoted in "Express". And: "Who knows me, hopefully I know I'm not a wild beater type."

whines Müller.

Wild Schläger type – it was exactly what Mike Müller did last Friday. Müller is said to have kicked the 24-year-old massively, including the country for attempted detention in custody, from which he was released on Christmas Eve under conditions.

But Müller claims, "I've been beaten too, and I've had some violent words." Still, he personally wants to apologize to the 24-year-old who is on his way to recovery.

Who struck first and exactly what happened between the football fans is still determined.

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