American Horror Story: summary of the apocalypse: season 8, episode 7

adminOctober 25, 2018

So, does anyone else remember what happened when American horror storyDid the last season begin? Something about the end of the world, possibly?

…Well, whatever. We will return to the nuclear future with time, without a doubt, but as of this week, we are still in the past prior to the apocalypse. And that's fine because after ignoring it for a long time, it's finally Dinah's turn to shine. Her background story: she is not a witch, but the new voodoo queen, who maintains her business by helping real suburban New Orleans housewives keep their spouses online. (For the second time in so many weeks, we see a American horror story The cast member starts and eats a raw human heart, so it's fun. Dinah receives a visit in the open cold of Cordelia, who wants a date that only the successor of Marie Laveau can organize: a meeting with Papa Legba. Why those It always ends so well!

Just like last week, the Legba scene serves mainly as a fan service: we can see Lance Reddick and Jamie Brewer in their Meeting of witches Roles, and the plot of the series advances by, like, a millimeter. Cordelia has a proposal: she wants Legba to open the doors to hell in order to catch Michael Langdon inside. But Legba, the greedy top-hat demon that he is, wants all the souls of the witches to change. Cordelia says no, and the devil says goodbye (and takes Nan with him). That is all.

The meeting leaves Cordelia erased, and not only because she is upset by the coming apocalypse. Her powers are fading, and Zoe thinks she knows why: Mallory is getting stronger, to the point of not only acting but also invent Telekinetic surgery in Coco (whose powers have expanded from the detection of gluten to the intuition of calorie counting. Come on, Coco!). Could she be the next Supreme?

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, we find Bubbles McGee (Joan Collins, in his second role this season). She is an old glamazon who makes a horror movie about a killer in a Santa suit (which somehow is not played by Ian Mcshane, which is an indignation of ding-dang), but the filming is derailed by a surprise visit of Madison. "You have been summoned," she says, because the appearance of the Antichrist means that all witches must come together again. (Re-COVEN? Re … co … ehhhhhh I tried.)

Bubbles is a mind reader, which makes it a useful asset for the next coven play: a dinner with the sorcerers to find out what they are planning. Michael is conveniently absent "in the desert" (which looks like a code for "we wrote in a corner with this argument from Omnipotent Demon Spawn, and anyway Cody Fern deserved a day off"), so Bubbles does not face barriers to read Ariel's mind. Conveniently, Ariel immediately begins to think in the most direct and simple terms about how happy he is to have killed John Henry, and how he can not wait to kill all the witches, too. That was easy.

Cut to Miss Robichaux, where the coven is at dinner time, with a special guest.

"How can witches sit here drinking wine, when people are going to die ?!" Chablis screams. (Note: if Billy Porter's show this season does not award him an Emmy, I'll do it rampage.) But Cordelia explains that she has been known for some time about the horror that is coming; That's why she resurrected Myrtle Snow, and also why they're going to resurrect John Henry from his Cinderella grave in the parking lot of a gas station. Mallory, do what you want! (She does so, moving closer and closer to Supremacy.)

But will they learn the truth in time? Back in their Hogwarts underground complex, the sorcerers are conspiring. Baldwin has created a poison powder with which to kill the witches, there is even a spooky fantasy of Cordelia, Bubbles and the rest of the women bleeding from the head, but a fantasy is all that will be. . Cordelia enters with her entourage, erases the mouth of the men to the MatrixY It does not return them. Damn, it's cold. Everything ends with Ariel, Baldwin and Mead (whom Coco located, in some way) being taken to the concrete gallows and burned at the stake, as they do with witches.

Mead shouts about welcoming Satan's embrace before she burns into flames.

The men, who still have no mouth, do not say a word.

Which is fine, because judging by those suits, they would probably go out and shout "Hot Topic! Men's Wearhouse!" And it would be embarrassing for everyone.

A series of anthologies that focus on different characters and locations, including a haunted house, an asylum, a coven of witches, a rare show and a hotel.

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