American Horror Story: Apocalypse Summary: Season 8 Episode 6 – Murder House

adminOctober 18, 2018

The visit of Madison and Behold to Michael's childhood home on Wednesday American horror story: Apocalypse it proved to be even more enlightening, and more disconcerting, than they could have imagined. But, hey, at least they had many potential witnesses to question; In total, a total of 36 souls apparently inhabit the former home of Harmons.

Let's start with the spirit that we were all more excited to see: the "grandmother" of Michael. Although he did not welcome the new owners with open arms ("I'm Constance Langdon, and this is my To home! "), Jessica Lange's character finally agreed to spill the tea on Michael, as long as Madison and Behold do it a small favor: get rid of the house" that unbearable ginger, with cloudy eyes ". Or as she is also known, Moira (Speaking of Murder houseLike the naughty maid, one of the highlights of this stellar episode was seeing Lange and Frances Conroy tearing each other apart with some really cutting a line.

After relocating Moira's bones in her mother's cemetery and reuniting their souls, which gave us one of the most impressive shots in AHS History, a tribute to the impeccable turn of Sarah Paulson as director: Madison and Behold have Constance to open. She admitted that "mistakes were made" in raising Michael, but insisted that she believed that he had grown into a "serial garden killer." It was not until he mysteriously aged 10 years during the night that he really cared. . The last red flag came when Michael tried to drown Constance while he slept, at which point he realized that he had finished with her, which she remedied with a suicide of whiskey and pills. ("That's what I can do on a good trip!")

Constance refused to reveal her spirit to Michael after his death, but another eternal Murder house The resident was ready and willing to keep him company. Ben Harmon, whose personal hell apparently involves the daily repetition of his infamous masturbate while crying, became a father figure and a psychiatrist for Michael. He was convinced that Michael wanted to be good, even when he was giving poor Mena Suvari a careful caress, but Ben finally lost hope when Michael (in the Rubber Man costume) murdered an innocent lesbian couple who bought the house .

The third part of Michael's twisted story was courtesy of Ben's wife, Vivien, who gave him that magnificent head of hair, which apparently has not spoken to her husband since the last time we saw them. When Ben told her, "I never stopped loving you," she replied, "I know, but I never stopped hating. the. "Then, he revealed his own observations of Michael over the years: crows constantly circling the roof, the temperature in the house rising to unbearable levels, etc. You know, typical Antichrist things.

But everything changed on the night of the "Black Mass". The satanic cult that came to adore Michael, which included Mrs. Mead, Anton LaVey and a new character played by Naomi Grossman (also known as Pepper!) Killed an innocent girl and fed her The heart was still beating Michael, moment in which the shadow of Satan appeared behind him, consolidating his dark connection. When Vivien realized what Michael really was, she tried to kill him, although he and his fire powers were one step ahead of her. If it had not been for a quick thought from Tate, Michael would have destroyed Vivien's soul.

Speaking of Tate, he never accepted Michael as his son. ("You did not get out of my bag of nuts! Even I could not create something as monstrous, as evil as you!"). Instead, he has been focusing all his love on Violet. Although Ben and Vivien's daughter initially did not want to have anything to do with her psychotic ex-boyfriend, Madison was able to convince her to give him another chance, which resulted in one of the many surprisingly happy endings for the otherwise desperate residents of Murder house.

It's also worth discussing …

* I wish we had spent a little more time with Billie Dean Howard. As someone who predicted much of what has fallen since season 1, I find it fascinating.

* Did someone else catch that reference of the blood moon? The second this season! #Roanoke forever

Did you enjoy your visit to Murder house this week? Any new theory about what's coming this season? Whatever you think, Drop it in a comment below.

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