American Horror Story: Apocalypse Summary: Season 8 Episode 5 – Stevie Nicks

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American horror story: Apocalypse& # 39; s preparing the battle of the hexes – sorry, sexes He reached new heights on Wednesday, when Cordelia reluctantly agreed to administer the Seven Wonders test on Michael. But when his bet turned out to be too successful, the dark secrets about the first male supreme candidate came to the surface, setting the stage for the real apocalypse.

Following a disturbing vision of the future, complete with flesh-eating zombies and a white-faced demon, Cordelia feared that her arrogance, her unwillingness to believe that a man is capable of Supremacy, would make that vision a reality. The spectators, of course, knew that this did not make sense, like John Henry, who made clues to New Orleans to warn the witches of their concerns. Unfortunately, "coincidentally" he stopped at the same service station as Mrs. Mead, who cut off her Achilles tendons, gutted it like a pumpkin and set fire to her damn body. Classical Mrs. Mead.

American Horror Story Apocalypse SummaryWithout any warning from Cheyenne Jackson to stop her, Cordelia conducted the Seven Wonders trial, which Michael passed with great success. He even accepted Cordelia's additional challenge of bringing Misty from her own personal hell, an endless cycle of her traumatic experience in dissecting frogs in science class. Although she was grateful to have been brought back, Misty saw something in Michael that scared her, a concern she shares with Cordelia and Myrtle.

But was Misty's warning, as the great philosopher JoJo Levesque would say, too little too late? After all, this whole episode was a pre-nuclear winter flashback, so we already know that the coven does not stop the world from ending. However, I am thrilled that Cordelia sends Madison and Behold; Yes, the character of Billy Porter is called Behold – to the House of Murder, "where everything began".

It's also worth discussing …

* Did someone else's ears raise when it was announced that Michael's test would take place under a "blood moon"? It was just a nod to Roanoke, or the beginning of a larger connection?

* I was wondering how Apocalypse I was going to work on Stevie Nicks, and I love the route they chose. Having the "White Witch" serenade Misty to help her reconnect with herself was brilliant. I got goosebumps the moment Nicks entered the room. ("Hello, witches.")

* Just when I thought that my obsession with Coco had reached its limit, we discovered that its main magical power is the detection gluten. She may think that her ability "stinks" but could not love him anymore. Meanwhile, Mallory can heal people's wounds and turn them into babies. (I mean, we only saw her do it in a deer, but humans are the same size).

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