Also Berger back in the hospital

adminJanuary 10, 2019

As early as September, Helmut Berger (74) was just a shadow of his last public appearance, now the eternal excitement is back in the hospital! An acute pneumonia, the third in a row (!), Forced him to his knees: Berger had to interrupt his planned Tuesday (8th) reading in Hanover, Germany, and instead checked in a hospital in Salzburg. "We are worried about Helmut, but suppose he will recover soon," said Austro leader Helmut Werner the drama in the Bild newspaper.

Three weeks rehab

For Berger, who has rejected alcohol for a year after his regular captains (opera ball!) ("I looked in the mirror and said," It doesn't work that way! "), According to the hospital, now a three-week rehab is on schedule." Helmut is physically weak, but in his right mind. He is very motivated to be healthy again, says Werner. "He'll settle for the deal at Hannover airport as soon as possible. He's looking forward to his fans."

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