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adminDecember 28, 2018

It is the break of the year: Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen are no longer a couple. Pop songs already have a new friend. In a video you can see the dancer early on the Fischer side.

In the past week, the otherwise striking world of beats was whirled up. Dream couple Helene Fischer, 34, and Florian Silbereisen are a thing of the past: After ten years of relationship, the split followed as the two star stars officially confirmed.

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In the declaration of separation of Florian Silbereisen opposite, the 37-year-old also made it clear: There is already a new man next to his ex-boyfriend. "If there are pictures of Helene with another man, then I will just make it clear that I know Thomas for a long time, he is a great guy, and I wish them both good luck."

The aforementioned Thomas is according to various media reports to the dancer Thomas Seitel. And how long has he worked closely with Helene Fischer, a video that Helene Fischer himself wrote on his Instagram account – in January 2018! See: Fischer, who turns to his fans for a tattoo game by Sophia Thomalla. The German model Thomalla focuses on Instagram: "If this gets 100,000, I get a tattoo of Justin Bieber stitch. At 200,000 Helene Fischer. At 500,000 Helene and Florian."

Thomas Seitel rejoices

Meanwhile, Thomalla is probably happy that she has never paid her money. Although her email received over 900,000 likes. This is probably due to Helene Fischer himself. Because she didn't ask twice and immediately called herself to like. She received support from their dancers. Including Thomas Seitel – watching the video, in the background, quite in the middle.

In fact, Thomas Seitel has accompanied his new boyfriend Helene Fischer since 2017 on his big arena tour, like reports. Together, the two swung in dizzying heights – as part of the spectacular stage show.

In October, Thomas Seitel spoke of a "working relationship" according to When the love spree skipped, everyone is currently silent about it. But in the end, this does not seem to matter, as everyone seems to have made peace with the events.

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