Alleged abuse victim of Kevin Spacey filmed a video of the assault

adminDecember 27, 2018

The young man accusing actress Kevin Spacey of having sexually assaulted him in a tourist town near Boston in 2016, filmed part of the aggression, according to the demand from AFP.

The 59-year-old American actor, the star of the "House of Cards" series and the winner of two Oscars, will be formally charged in the Nantucket Island Court on January 7, with "Sexual Injuries to a Person over 14 Years".

If convicted, he could be sentenced to a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

The young man, identified as William Little and 18 at the time of the alleged attack, on the night of July 7, 2016, told police that he sent messages via Snapchat, including a video, to his partner from the bar-restaurant "Club Car" by Nantucket, where he was with the actor, according to demand.

Little had a seasonal job at "Club Car" and that night he stayed at the restaurant after work to see Kevin Spacey, of which he was a fan.

After presenting himself to the star and having been 23 years old – he must have 21 to drink alcohol in the state of Massachusetts – he started drinking with it, first beer and then whiskey.

According to the text, Spacey invited the young man to go to the house with other friends.

The young man refused, suspecting that the actor was trying to seduce him, but he lived in the restaurant because he "wanted a picture with Spacey, something for Instagram".

It would have been then when the actor put his hand on his pants and touched his gender, according to demand.

Little attempted to remove Spacey as he exchanged messages with the partner about the attack, and when she did not believe him, he sent a video of the actor who put his hand in his pants, the video the police seem to have found and showed young man, who confirmed that the images in fact, they were to Spacey and he.

Having rushed out of the restaurant on the advice of a woman who saw him "desperately", Little went back to work the next day and told the incident to the owner of the establishment.

The woman apparently could not be found by the police, as she was not part of the witnesses mentioned in the complaint.

– An ambiguous defense –

When he returned to his grandmother's house, where he lived during the summer, the young man related facts to his sister and the next day to his mother, the journalist Heather Unruh, the first person who spoke the public about this aggression, in November 2017.

Spacey's lawyer did not respond to the request for AFP statements.

Nantucket's accusation is the only one accused, but there are other investigations on the way to Kevin Spacey in Los Angeles and London, where he led the Old Vic Theater for 11 years.

The actor does not appear in public since the first dismissals against him, in October 2017, at the beginning of the # MeToo movement.

He was removed from the last season of the "House of Cards" series and the latest Ridley Scott movie "All the Money in the World", where he was replaced by extremists by Christopher Plummer.

On Monday, the day his next accusation was announced, he wrote an ambiguous video in which he recounts his character from Frank Underwood in "House of Cards" and where he appears to respond to charges of sexual assault against him since October 2017.

"If I haven't paid for the things we both know I've done, I certainly won't pay for the things I haven't done," he says in the video to the viewer.

The film evoked strong criticism, for example by the actors Alyssa Milano and Patricia Arquette.

Ellen Barkin (who appeared in the movie "Ocean's Thirteen") described it as "very disturbing". "Perhaps because Frank Underwood's crimes are imaginary while those of Kevein Spacey are not," he said in a tweet.

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