Allegation of abuse: Kevin Spacey first in court

adminJanuary 7, 2019

The American actor Kevin Spacey appeared for the first time in court due to sexual assault. The judge ordered Spacey to stay away from the plaintiff.

By Martina Buttler, ARD Studio Washington

Powerfully, Kevin Spacey makes his way through a grape camera in front of the court in Nantucket. In the dark suit, the serious actress enters the crowded courtroom. The deal lasts not even fifteen minutes, and the lawyers discuss the details of the procedure. The judge then says: "You must not have contact with the alleged victim."

Spacey is accused of spending more drinks in 2016 for an 18-year-old and then sexually abusive him. The actor does not claim guilty. His lawyers have already made it clear that they want to doubt the young man's credibility. For example, he lied about his age.

The process was interrupted until March 4

The Oscar winner follows the discussions in court with a motionless face. The official start of the case is also defined: "If it suits the court, we propose on March 4 as an agreement.

Spacey had tried in the uprising of the trial, that he did not need to appear in court personally. However, the judge had ordered his presence. It's going to be different on March 4. The lawyers agreed, "We have discussed each other before, and the other side has no objection that Kevin Spacey should not appear in court on March 4, and that I represent him." Is it okay with the court? Presence is not required. "

In guilty sentences five years imprisonment threatens

The agreement in court does not last even fifteen minutes. When the actor leaves the court, he has a little smile on his face. So, as on the way, cameras from helicopters like a car bring Spacey back to the airport. If the 59-year-old is found guilty of the court at the end of the trial, he is up to five years in jail and conduct in a sex crime register.

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