All or nothing: Serial bankruptcy on Sat.1: Daily soap ended

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Unterföhring –

No, no, today's soap "Everything or nothing" is no longer broadcast on TV. This was reported by Sat.1 in a statement.

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Since January 7, the series is no longer visible. It started just eleven weeks ago, in October 2018. "We have decided with a heavy heart to cancel the broadcast of our Daily & All 39s and take it out of the program today," said Sat.1 CEO Kaspar Pflüger Monday on the website of the station.


Stop, off, over: The series "All or nothing" will be discontinued.

"All or nothing": Too low marks

"The reactions to our viewers in the social networks have been consistently positive, which has encouraged us since its inception to show this endurance. But the television performance was and remains weak even after 10 weeks and 50 episodes."

Fans of the series could still follow the episodes digitally.

That's what the series is about or nothing

Contents of the series: After the death of heavy entrepreneur Axel Brock, he teaches his illegitimate children from human backgrounds of his sudden millionths – and Axel's wife Melissa and the children together from the unexpected growth of the family empire. A story with the typical daily soap drama, the plot and the power games.

Young people see less linear TV

One reason for this may be that fewer and fewer young people see linear TV. They look at laptops or cell phones when they want, wherever they want, on streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon. Forecasts assume that there may be more than 20 streaming services over the next few years, putting pressure on broadcasters.

But here too series have not been simple: Amazon recently said goodbye to the Matthias Schweighöfer series "You are wanted" (read more here).


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