All her TV and movie roles before she married Prince Harry

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Pop quiz: "Once is random, twice is fate" is tagline like Meghan Markle movie? No viewing!

Give up? It is 2013 Random meetings, co-starring Sean Young.

Meghan had a busy life as a thespian before she was a duchess. She co-stares at around 30 movies and TV shows.

Here's a crash track in Meghan's large and small screens – only if you missed someone.


Don't blink! It's Meghan in the background of pink scrubs on the classic American soap opera Hospital in 2002. For her small screen debut, the then 20-year-old d

Duchess-to-be played Jill, the nurse, in two episodes. Her role was what is called "under five" in the biz, meaning she had under five lines of dialogue (in a nutshell: none). She didn't exactly steal the show – but we all have to start somewhere. Meghan used to visit his father Thomas GH sat because he worked on the show as one of the most important light guides. Now we know what you are thinking – but it is said that she had to audition for the role of Jill just like everyone else.

Famed soap opera director Mary Madeirasn directed Meghan in GH on her first actress.

"Meghan appeared in some episodes as a nurse," she told "One of them was an episode I was leading, and it was a very important show, a culmination of a mystery story that ended with a powerful music collection and possibly a murder of a patient in the hospital. Meghan played the nurse who monitored the patient. She was so good. Although she did not have any lines in my episode, she had much of what we refer to as "business" in the scene, she was prepared, took direction and notes beautifully and was a pleasure to work with. was natural to act and would go a long way, and I was right. She did. Her acting career took off. "


Meghan has the strange role of this TV sci-fi legal drama. She plays Natasha, a party guru, in an episode called "A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Lose". She fawning over a man at an office launch party for a virtual reality project and suddenly says, "Here is Tom Montero, who had the vision to install this amazing virtual assistant." We wonder how many times she had to practice it. It was quite convincing.

CUTS, 2005

Meghan plays Cori on an episode of this American comedy series about goings-on in a hair salon and day pass, which lasted only two seasons. The episode, which smelled the first season, is called "My Girlfriend Is Back".


She was shed, quite simply, as "Hot Girl" in this rom-com, which co-starred Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet. Her impressive lines include "Hi" and "No, I'm from LA".

LOVE, INC., 2005

Meghan was 25 when she spoke her fifth television role. She plays Teresa Santos subway booths in an episode of this short-lived American sitcom, where a shy commuter falls for her. Subway cashiers are pretty much a thing of the past in New York City, and when they are seen you can be sure they see nothing like Meghan Markle.

The war at home, 2006

Megan's appearance on an episode of this American sitcom saw her take on the most lines and most screen time so far in her career. Dave Gold, played by Michael Rapaport, is so obsessed with Meghan's insurance sales that he begins to hallucinate that she is his wife – and even put perseverance in the bedroom to prove it.

DECEIT, 2006

This begins Meghan's foray in the world of television films (read: super cheesy acting roller). This one is billed as a "movie noir, psychological thriller" and was made for life. It's about a man who returns to his hometown after his father's death and has an affair with his best friend's wife. Meghan has a small, peripheral role in the movie as a character called Gwen.


You know how sometimes you hire someone to clean your apartment and you come home and they are in underpants, dusting? Happen all the time, right? IN CSI: New York2006 episode "Murder Sings the Blues", Meghan plays Veronica Perez, who cleans apartments for New York City's rich and famous. Sans clothes. When one of her clients is found dead, she becomes a murder suspect. "I might have slept with Grant Jordan, but I didn't kill him," she says. And where on earth could she hide a weapon?

90210, 2008

Teen drama 90210 came back in 2008 after a long wait. The students of Beverly Hills High have moved far beyond Brenda and Brandon Walsh, and Meghan Markle's character, Wendy, spends time in school parking taking part in dubious activities with boys in cars. (True, she could have picked something up from the floor … doesn't look that good.) Meghan was featured in two episodes of the revolutionary series: "The Jet Set" and "We're Not In Kansas Anymore".

TO DEATH, 2008

Meghan plays a car salesman called Tara on an episode of short-term sitcom called "Joy Ride", star actor Brad Garrett as Eddie Stark. She can finally work with her magic and sell Eddie a car, which is not very surprising. Wouldn't you buy a car from her?


The apostles are a crime drama made for television, about the police whose work pressure collides with privacy. Meghan plays a character called Kelly Calhoun.


Meghan has a rather big role as Sadie Valencia in this drama about television crime about a mob family The Wests, who are trying to leave their criminal paths behind. She co-stars with some big names, including Catherine O & # 39; Hara, Jeffrey Tambor and her future Suits co-star Patrick J Adams.


David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff was back in 2009 with a Knight Rider reboot and in that Meghan (who was a one year old when the original series beat airwaves in 1982) plays a former soldier named Annie Ortiz. It was her fastest job to date. Her character is a scantily dressed burkfighter in an underworld battle club, determined to find out who killed his drill sergeant.


Meghan plays the girlfriend of a disappeared university student who ends up being a cheat with multiple identities.

FRINGE, 2009

As junior Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent Amy Jessup, Meghan has a small role in two episodes of this brief series. In her first appearance, she looked at a crime scene that argued with Joshua Jackson about a car accident that seemed to happen without a driver behind the car's wheels. Authors of the show had planned to have Amy Jessup back for several episodes, but decided to do so. There was nothing against the Duchess of the future, producers said, they just wanted to focus on the main characters.

LEAGUE, 2009

Meghan plays a glamorous divorce called "Random Girl", which is linked to the show's divorced character Pete over their failed marriage. "I get it all, I'm divorced," she tells him. She really got it all in 2013, when she divorced real man, Trevor Engelson, after two years of marriage.


Here's a stretch: Meghan makes a como like Megan – without H – in this romantic drama with starring Rob Pattinson. Her character is a bartender with a line: "Don't. Talk." Or are there three lines? Meghan's then Trevor Engelson produced the film.

CSI: MIAMI, 2010

Meghan liked CSI: NY then she flew south for more. She plays officer Leah Montoya, who enters a burning building to try to save a child when the building suddenly collapses. In a dramatic scene, she is performed by paramedics. It's a serious face from her scarcely there scenes CSI: NY.


This rather stupid comedy with Jonah Hill and Russell Brand may have come and gone at the cashier's office, but the mystery around it remains: does Russell Brand kiss call Meghan Markle, who plays a character named Tatiana, in the movie's race bar scene? The scene has been analyzed and analyzed again over social media. Some say it's Meghan. Others insist that it cannot be; the woman sees nothing like Meghan – her nose, her profile, her hair, her arms. Not that we looked carefully or anything.

We dug something to try to set up the post right. In some news, Russell Brand, who plays an unknown rock star in the movie, says he was too "out of it" to remember if it was Meghan; In others he says it was her. Look at the clip and decide for yourself.


Meghan has a major role as secretary called Kat in this eerie, twilight– its mystery-thriller short film about a secret society.

The boys and girls guides to come down, 2011

Meghan plays Dana in this movie, a remake of a 2006 feature on an epic party party in Los Angeles. It is billed as "fun and a little outrageous" and promises to inform viewers of what should not be mixed – and who should not be mixed – in a colossal night on the town. "Dana" is a bed hopping druggie that we are sure the queen would not have approved of.


"You're too sweet to be just a FedEx girl," one of the male characters in Terrible bosses says to Meghan's character, Jamie, who delivers a package. "You have to be model or actress or something, right?" No, just a future duchess, thank you!


Meghan plays a photographer named Terry in this little-known, failed comedy if a group of bickering friends who have to spend five days together can get their share of their late friend's property. The fun part? "Terry" photographing men in their panties, even asking one of them, who is a little too gifted, to – ahem – make some adjustments.

"This is not porn, it's for Sunday papers," she tells a male model. "This situation you have, it must be hidden. It must be put away. It will not work. You have to stick it in." OK then.

CASTLE, 2012

Spoiler Alert: Women are found dead, dressed as fairy-tale characters, in this episode – and Meghan ends up being the killer!


This film was re-released just in time for the Royal Wedding in May. What a coincidence! The trailer was circumcised to make it look all about Meghan when she didn't play the lead herself. It's about her friend, who meets a guy in the old fashioned way when she wastes coffee on his shirt – you know how it happens – before you let him go. The trailer was re-edited using the word royal as much as possible, as in "dating can be a royal pain". Sweet.


Meghan landed the most important role in this romantic comedy for the TV channels Hallmark Channel. She played a journalist who leaves her small town for the bright lights of Chicago. She soon realizes that there is nothing like home – and no kid like her high school dear. "I went for the wrong dream, I didn't understand it," she cries in the trailer. Grab yourself, girl.


Meghan plays fashion model Kirsten in the low-budget British film based on a variety of real jewelry in London. In it, she is fixed on a bad boy street artists-killed armed robber who runs fast motorcycles and spray painter stuff a la Banksy. And they said it wouldn't last.


She just couldn't stay away from the Hallmark Channel. In her second made for television two-year film for the network, Meghan stars as a successful businesswoman who is unlucky in love. Desperate for answers, she consultes a dating council manual, which pushes her to choose a "consistent, predictable, average man" as her mate. She is drawn to a goofier, more adventurous guy, so finally she releases the book and follows her heart. Yay.

SUITS, 2011-18

Suits was of course Meghans bread and butter for many years and no doubt her best work. She played paralegal lawyer Rachel Zane, but was printed out of the show (for obvious reasons) in April with a screen shot to Castmate Patrick J Adams, with whom she had some pretty steamy on-camera trysts.


After the royal engagement was announced, a charming video from 1993 by an 11-year-old Meghan at Nickelodeon Nick News appeared. In it, Meghan is protesting a sexist Procter & Gamble dishwashing advertisement, explaining that it just means that women are washing dishes. She ended up writing a letter to the company, which in turn ended up changing the script for the ad. Brava!

DEAL OR NO DEAL, 2006-07

In what was probably her most challenging role all the time, Meghan acted as a suitcase model # 24 in a total of 34 episodes of the game play. She was among other models in skimpy dresses and heels, and kept the suitcases full of "money". Sometimes she also appeared as a suitcase model 11 and 12. "I would put it in the category of things I did when trying to make ends meet," she said about the show and looks back. "It helped me understand what I'd rather do."


Decisions, decisions. That's what Megan's mind is royally wracked with in this classic American corn chip commercial. Which chip is the right chip? "Thirteen ingredients," she says as she picks up a competitor's bag. "There are more people than I invited to the party." Finally she sits down on Tostitos and goes away with a smile.

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