Alex Velea's beautiful son was 4 years old. Which message sent the artist to him

adminDecember 28, 2018

Alex Velea published a picture with his son, and the description next to the picture moved an entire country. The artist thanks his son for appearing in life, and for four years he has made the days more beautiful.


Alex Velea's son was 4 years old

"Congratulations on the day, son! LMA Domi !!! # 4 Thank you for coming into my life!", Wrote Alex Velea on Instagram.

Alex Velea loves her boyfriend and her two children

"Akim is 2 years old on December 7, followed by Dominic, 27, when he is four. Akim is small, he doesn't understand what we celebrated in the nursery with cakes and cakes. I told her to put a new finger when she showed up "I don't want any material stuff from Santa Claus anymore, but health and labor, and my team at the Golden Boy Society will work just as well. When I was a kid, I wanted to play, and Santa never disappointed me," said Alex Velea for Click!

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