Alex Velea has left direct access. Simona Gherghe, the first reaction after the artist's decision

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Alex Velea has left direct access. Simona Gherghe, singer on show in the new season, talked about the artist's decision.

Simona Gherghe admitted that she will continue to present the show itself, and Alex Velea will handle the music field.

"As you can see, I am alone today, and then I will be from now on. And even with this I will start the show this season as well. I would like to thank Alex Velea first and foremost in the last season to be a wonderful colleague You all know that Alex has a successful career in music, and it's hard to be good there and come to a two-hour daily schedule … it's pretty complicated so he chose to continue with the musical projects and I know from him that he is preparing something very loudly, he tells us more then thanks to Alex Velea and telling him "Congratulations on the day", I also know, "Simona Gherghe announced on" Direct Access ".

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