"Seth Meyers" Episode 1749 – Pictured: (l-r) Kenan Thompson as Jim Brown, Chris Redd as Kanye West, Alec Baldwin as President Donald Trump during "Kanye Trump Cold Open" at Studio 8H on Saturday, October 13, 2018 (Photo: Will Heath / NBC)

Alec Baldwin is back in & # 39; SNL & # 39;.

After two episodes without Trump, Baldwin repeated his role as Donald Trump on Saturday night to fake the oval president's office meeting with a despotized Kanye West (cast member Chris Redd) and NFL legend Jim Brown ( Kenan Thompson) during the Seth Meyers episode of "Saturday Night Live."

"Yes, that's right, I flew here using the power of this hat," West shouted, putting on his MAGA cap more and more characteristic. He continued, dubbing the time "a myth" and amendment 13 a "trap door".

"Oh, this guy could be a cuckoo," Trump thought to himself in a voiceover. "And I've been in a room with Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un and they made a lot more sense than him."

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SNL's parody of the rapper comes a week after Pete Davidson criticized West's pro-Trump tirade after the first show of the season on September 29, where the rapper acted as a musical guest.

"(West) started by saying that the people behind the scenes tried to harass him so he would not use it, he used it all week, and nobody told him not to use it," Davidson said. "I wish I had intimidated him, I wish I had suggested that he could upset people, like your wife or any black person."

The "SNL" version of West continued his rant, arguing that Chicago's homicide rate was declining so rapidly, "very soon there will be a negative homicide rate."

"We are going to dig bodies out of the ground," he continued.

"He does not stop," Trump thought. "He does not listen to anyone but himself, who do you remember?"

"I do not want to brag, but I really have a high IQ," said West. "I'm a stable genius, I have a great brain and I have the best words."

Sounds familiar? The president thought thus: "My God, he is black!"

Brown, almost forgotten in the midst of Kanye's ramblings, questioned his place at the meeting.

"What have I gotten myself into?" He said in his own voice-over. "I played football with a leather helmet, and my brain still works better than yours … Can someone be a tripolar?"

Back to Trump, his ironic comment made sure to note "the great lesson here: blacks love me, love me much more than they love Alec Baldwin", referring to the controversial comment by the actor earlier this week on how to play . The president has boosted his fan base.

"I love you, Kanye," Trump concluded. "We both have much more in common than people know, we're both arrogant, we're both geniuses, we're both married to beautiful women and we've both been recorded with the word N."


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