Aldi employee turns on "Who will become a millionaire?" – When Jauch begins to snow

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As a candidate Martin Reuscher in "Hüttengaudi-Special" by "Who wants to be a millionaire?" Not sure in a question, helped out an Aldi employee. Günther Jauch reacted with subtle comments.

January 8, 2019 Update: "Hüttengaudi-Spezial" from "Who will be a millionaire?" The passport is not the audience. But Günther Jauch's subtle humor was also in the much-criticized Hüttengaudi episode Reliance.

This time, Jauch's subtle comments were used by an Aldi employee from the audience to entertain the rest of the guests and TV viewers. Because as candidate Martin Reuscher from Cologne and his phone jacket on the question "What has recently been labeled in many supermarkets with a four-level symbol resembling a compass?" Didn't show anymore, turned on the extra Aldi fellow.

Aldi employee from Düsseldorf knew the answer

She didn't have to think twice about the choices "A: candy", "B: beer bottles", "C: fresh meat" and "D: tropical fruit". "It's the fresh meat," the spectator was sure. She is active in buying at Aldi Süd and is thus almost at source, Düsseldorf based her self-assured answer.

Her tip was correct and brought candidate Reuscher 32,000 euros – a few small swipes at Aldi's staff couldn't resist Jauch yet. "If I understood you correctly, is (this compass) also defined for Lidl?" The moderator asked the Düsseldorf woman before the question was resolved. And after the correct answer was shown and explained, Jauch relaunched again. "As far as I know, it was Lidl's first," he said with a chuckle in the direction of the Aldi employee. You shouldn't have done a lot of taunts, after all, for the right answer they got a reward money.

Why Günther Jauch is one of the most popular German TV presenters, read on*.

Update at 10:15 am: Günther Jauch and RTL couldn't really convince the audience with the "Hüttengaudi" problem on Monday night. "I would be back for a" regular episode "special," complained a Twitter user. Others came to him.

The motto "Hüttengaudi" was "nonsense" complained to another. Another criticized that the presenter Jauch optically in a suit saw nothing to do with hut fun. Another critic felt that the artificial snow decoration would look very much like a silver iron show.

Particularly vocal performances by DJ Ötzi caused irritation, even horror among not a few fans of "Who Will Be a Millionaire?". Some felt that the Schlager performances were unworthy of the popular quiz show. For DJ Ötzi there was a campaign action in front of millions of people, during the advertising breaks was diligently pointed to his new album. Follow "Who Will Be a Millionaire" show was a portrait of songs on "Extra".

Embarrassing or okay? What happens tonight on "Who wants to be a millionaire?" Want to share RTL viewers

Cologne – Of course, "Who should be a millionaire?" Is entertainment. But as with requirements. First of all, of course, is the highly respected Günther Jauch, who already has a message when he comes up in a wine shop with a slouchy sweater. And where jokes, if any, are most subtle (even if there are exceptions). And of course it is also related to a quiz show that gives seriousness to the format "Who will be a millionaire?".

"Who should be a millionaire?" At RTL with "Hüttengaudi"

However, this breaks RTL on Monday night, very deliberately and openly. Because you start at 8.15, a special edition of "Who will be a millionaire?" Stay under the motto "Hüttengaudi 2019". Yes, that's right. "Who wants to be a millionaire?" – Arena becomes an après-ski break.

DJ Ötzi on "Who wants to be a millionaire?" – And he sings!

Above all, a star ghost will probably split the audience: DJ Ötzi. He will present the selection questions with Günther Jauch. And even sing. DJ Ötzi and "Who wants to be a millionaire?" – Is it the right size? Embarrassing or fun? It will show the evening. In any case, the first images that RTL has released show that DJ Ötzi breaks into the microphone on skis.

DJ Ötzi sings on the Hüttengaudi Special by "Who will be a millionaire?" At RTL.

© MG RTL D / Gregorovius

And one thing that RTL announces: Candidates are solely people who "have something to do with skiing, ski industry, cabin fun or winter in general". To find them, there was even a Facebook post on the side of the German Ski Association – either in collaboration with RTL or not unclear.

The Schanze shell from the Sauerland stated at least that her "hut" will be there on Monday night.

Whether the "Hüttenmichel" creams? Or finally just discuss all DJ Ötzi? His appearance in the well-recorded program takes place on a special day for him: Austrian celebrates this Monday, namely his 48th birthday.

He was born January 7, 1971 as Gerhard Friedle in St. Johann in Tirol. His trademark is the hat. Probably not just because she keeps her after-hot. Only very rarely does he appear without. Here's a picture of him without a hat.

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