Alain Delon does not want a national homage, he prefers to be buried with his dog

adminNovember 26, 2018

The actor trusted Saturday on the show Tea or coffee in France 2. With his legendary infidelity, he produced death without a hitch. "They bury me like everyone else, but especially not like those you mentioned," he said and greeted the shades of Charles Aznavour and Johnny Hallyday.

At 83, Alain Delon wakes up with great freedom. "A man must know how to die. I loved to die because it's a last point," he said. world in September. The comedian has again trusted Saturday in the show Tea or coffee in France 2. "No, no, especially not so special. We know where to be buried, but there are no instructions. They bury me like everyone else, but especially not the people you mentioned," he said, and greeted the shelves of Charles Aznavour and Johnny Hallyday.

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For Alain Delon count one thing today: his dog. "What I know is that I will not leave my dog ​​alone, if he should die for me, as I hope, I will not take anything more. If I die before him, I will ask the veterinarian to leave together. him to die in my arms, "he added.

"He has no women, no children, he has nothing. It's my only dog ​​and it's the end of life the dog. It's capital and very important to me"

Alain Delon

The star had already mentioned this wish Paris Match In January: "If I die for him, I will ask the vet to leave." I prefer it rather than knowing that he will die on my grave with so much suffering. " He said he wanted to prevent the animal from entering a cabin if no new owner was found after death. "There is no text that deals with specific euthanasia in the Veterinary Knowledge Act," said Faustine Canonge-Verez, Secretary-General of the Veterinary Organization, on the spot 30 million friends. Legally, Alain Delon's last wishes about his malinois, Loubo, must be respected.

The actor pool, who has always lived surrounded by women, is now alone in his country house in Loiret. He only has his beast, the "dog of his end of life". "I do not want to die and put a dog behind me. I had fifty in my life buried near me. But this one, he will be 12 when I have 90. I do not want it to be any other. He has no one women, no children, he has nothing. It's my only dog ​​and it's the end of the life dog. "This is important and important to me," he detailed. In January he showed his wish to be buried at Douchy Cemetery, not far from his current home.

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Alain Delon also returned to accusations of violence against his former companion Rosalie Van Breemen, issued by his own son Alain-Fabien Delon. "Have you ever behaved badly with women?" Asked hosts Catherine Ceylac. "It often happened, sure sometimes, yes. Yes, of course," replied the movie giant. "A blow is macho? Yes, I must have been a macho. I've also hit you, you know, even women!" He concluded.

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