AK Party & # 39; Fazil Say & # 39; description! Will President Erdogan go to the Fazıl Say concert?

adminJanuary 8, 2019

The spokesman for the AK party, Ömer Çelik, made statements after the meeting in MKYK. Certainly, the question of whether President Erdoğan will participate in the Fazıl Says concert and answered:

& # 39; & # 39; The president will participate much more in artistic organizations. Phil Say wants to participate in the concert. He reacted positively. Negotiations and the agenda, however, are very intense. I hope the concert day is not a very important agenda. If there is no problem, the president will attend the concert. & # 39;

A strong partnership will not participate
Fazıy Si: The question of whether President Erdoğan wanted to attend the concert was as follows:

& # 39; We asked half and a half, they said they wanted to come & # 39; & # 39;

So there is no definitive answer to his participation.

God willing.

The second question in everyone's mind is:

Would it be an uncomfortable reaction in the living room?

I think that Turkey no longer exceeds this line.

Of course this is Turkey … a country where a very high number of heads of each per square meter trawler …

"I called the LAN LANGUAGE"

Let me express my reaction to my share.

If the president accepts this invitation and goes to a concert, if I were in that room, I would be honored

I would have applauded standing.

Although someone in the hall tried to be rude to the salon

Before the president's bodyguards I was out of my sight and when he made the mess he would shout: "Instead of sitting."

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