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adminNovember 27, 2018


Tuesday 27 November 2018

I wrote – Manal al-Jawushi:

Tunisian artist Zafer El Abidine, celebrating her 46th birthday today, was born in Tunis, Tunisia, 27 November 1972.

Zafer was a guest of the "Fallaha" program last year. During the meeting he gave some interesting information about his daily life, especially:

_ His name is Dhafer Zain al-Abidin, length 183 cm, "the size of his shoes 44 cm."

– Speaks 4 languages: Arabic, English, French and Italian.

He has four brothers, two daughters and two children.

"McNatch Schater in school" and admitted that he "stole" money from his mother's wallet during his childhood.

_ During childhood, the international star Julia Roberts was the girl for her dreams.

He was fashion designer and later a football player at Esperance.

He has high phobias.

He said that the artist Ahmed Ezz Oussem, and there are a large number of stars Osem in Egypt and abroad.

_ Married to an English girl named "Joan", and has a girl named "Yasmin" 8 years old.

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