After rumors of separation, Luciana Abreu leaves a mysterious message

adminJanuary 11, 2019

It was in social networks that Luciana Abreu decided to share an inspirational message, which, given the latest news, had the effect of curiosity.

After several rumors about the separation, the singer shared an enigmatic message on the Instagram page, accompanied by the theme "It 's Just Envy" by Quim Barreiros: "For me, a woman who laughs without company, sleeps without waiting for a message and she looks beautiful, she understands everything. "

It should be noted that recently Luciana Abreu made news to share a video, ironing the news of the alleged separation of Daniel Souza, saying, "This is me, I just woke up. I pick up the phone and I have my phone impregnated with messages from journalists and messages from you, ask if I'm single and whether I want dinner or meet someone. Very honestly, I'm waiting for a phone call from Professor Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa … It's "Dear, have a good year in 2019 Have a lot of fun, embrace every opportunity and have a good kiss. "

So far, the artist has not confirmed or denied separation news

It is recalled Luciana Abreu rose to the altar with Daniel Souza in 2017, with whom he has two twin daughters.

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