After Jens's death († 49): Daniela Büchner celebrates New Year's Eve

adminDecember 31, 2018

Daniela Büchner (40) has a bad year behind her! On November 17, she lost her beloved husband Jens (✝49) to the crab – a heavy blow to the five-fold Mama, who cannot imagine a life without her soul friends. But fortunately she can rely on the support of her environment in this difficult time. Danni wants to spend New Year's Eve with two good friends – Fussbroichs.

During the film by The Summer House of the Stars, Büchners Frank (50) and Elke (51) met and got along well with the couple right from the start. counterpart picture Fussbroichene betrayed that they will start with Danni in the new year. "We don't want to celebrate big, it's more like a gathering to remind Danni"Elke explained in an interview. They want to stay in Mallorca until Tuesday.

Jens's death was a real shock to the 51-year-old and her husband. "It's still a strange feeling to be alone with Danni alone, we still can't believe Jens is no longer there", The TV star is still appalled.

Jens Büchner and wife Daniela in BremenMarco Meister / ActionPressPhotos Gallery Button
Jens Büchner and wife Daniela in Bremen
Frank and Elke FussbroichInstagram / frank_fussbroich

Frank and Elke Fussbroich
Elke and Frank Fussbroich with Jens and Daniela BüchnerInstagram / frank_fussbroich

Elke and Frank Fussbroich with Jens and Daniela Büchner

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