After Helene Fischer & Florian Silbereisen From: The Ex-GNTM girl suspects

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Helene Fischer and her long-standing friend Florian Silbereisen have split up, they are already taken again. A former GNTM candidate now has a bad guess.

Munich – The news hit as a bomb: Helene Fischer (34) and Florian Silbereisen (37) are divorced. Last Wednesday, several media reported on love, shortly after the pop singer already votedeven in an open letter on Instagram. After ten years, the relationship ended, a deep friendship would remain. For the many followers of the former dream couple serious shock – above all, as it became clear at the same time: Helene Fischer is already taken again. For that matter, a former candidate for the casting show "Germany's next top model" (GNTM), quickly agreed to an ugly guess.

Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen are divorced.

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Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen will be friends despite their love

There have been many rumors about Helene Fischer's private life: fans have recently speculated about a secret marriage between her and Florian Silbereisen, and Schlager fans also wanted to find clues about possible pregnancy. No wonder then the first news about the separation of the couple not taken seriously by many In the evening, the security that Helene Fischer personally wrote under a Turtle snapshot of her and "Flori" was written: "As sad as we are about it. not aware of our lifelong dream and Florian and I can now go in different ways as a couple, the more beautiful and powerful we go from this bitter experience now as friends new ways! "

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Dear, I address you today with very personal lines, which is very important to me to write down here. In the coming weeks and months, the media rumor – which so often in recent years – sucks and only here to take the wind out of the sails, I am writing you here "our" truth. As sad as we are, we could not realize our dream of life together, and Florian and I now go in different ways as a couple, the more beautiful and powerful we go from this bitter experience now as friends new ways! We have given ten years of respect, unconditional coherence, harmony, loyalty, friendship and love, and this is reflected in our separation. We go out as friends strengthened here and will not let the media approach us or play against each other. Nothing and no one can shake us! Even you, dear fans and friends, we ask you not to believe everything written, for it is usually just a story behind it, which was invented. Although we have been divorced for a while, we also had to sort out the situation, and it takes time, because even though love is sad, you do not throw a relationship meaningless just after 10 years. But yes, it's a new man in my life, and I don't want a secret about it. The more important and touching for me is to see how big Florian is about it! Not only am I grateful for 10 wonderful years, but now I am grateful to know such a friend in my life. I wholeheartedly wish that time will heal the wounds and thus peace of mind for those who are left. Now, honestly and honestly, everything has been said, and now I can only hope that once and for all, our happiness will be shocked. I can only say from the bottom of my heart: Thanks Florian for everything !!!

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Furthermore, the 34-year-old notes that she and the "Clubb3" singer have been separated for a long time, but only had to arrange the situation for themselves. Florian Silbereisen also commented on the separation in an emotional post on Facebook. The fans are worried about him while he is around safe in the future sees: "If there are photos of Helene with another man, then I will just make it clear that I know Thomas a long time, he is a great guy, and I wish them both good luck." He also talks about plans he and his ex (Helene Fischer in warm underwear!* shows the picture) in the years to come, such as a joint TV show.

Florian Silbereisen no longer on Helene Fischer's side: Who is the new one?

Who is the new man on the side of Helene Fischer? There, for ten years, the popular TV presenter Florian Silbereisen, is now another man. According to several media reports, it should be Aerial acrobat Thomas Seitel (33), which repeatedly supported Helene Fischer during her live performances.

For ten years, the 33-year-old gymnastics student in Germany and France studied sports science and journalism, now belongs to Tour crew of Helene Fischer, Many fans find the new relationship with the singer bitter – this is particularly evident in social networks.

Helene Fischer forgives after separation: the ex-GNTM girl has hard words

10 years and so a new guy Yes, respect! "Writes a seemingly disappointed Userin. Others accuse the Russian-born self of wondering Florian Silbereisen. Another Instagram user wrote a comment that was said by over 500 people:" 10 years of relationship, loyalty, etc.. .. but saw a new man by your side.Love could not have been so deep."There are also many fans and hates who think that way, including a former GNTM participant: "That is right!" Wanda writes Badwal (33) to the Instagram comment. She participated in Heidi Klum's model search in 2008, and has since made a name for herself as an actress and musical actress.

Wanda Badwal: Does she think Helene Fischer's love for Flori wasn't deep enough?

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For example, while some wonder if the whole relationship was just a publicity system, there are other words of comfort for the former couple: "Nothing but love for you!""Good luck in the future, nothing and no one can take you, what you had and now as friends." Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer had already announced that they would not be bothered by negative voices or rumors. Finally, only the two know what makes them happy. readers are currently surprised by the following news: DSDS boss Dieter Bohlen is posting new video – and the net goes through completely!

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