After bidet in Programa da Cristina & # 39; Sílvia Rizzo offers the same to Goucha – A Televisão

adminDecember 28, 2018

In the last few days there is an object that seems to be in the order of the day when it comes to the private morning. When she presented her new program, Cristina Ferreira had announced the surprise she had generated in Daniel Oliveira when she asked for a bid for the new scenario talk series.

This time, the main characters of the unusual moment are Silvia Rizzo and Manuel Luís Goucha. In Monte do Manel, the actress who is known for her distinctive sense of humor, is invited to the program that takes place in Manuel Luis's courtyard, took advantage of the presence to offer an object to the presenter, who responded by saying that it is about & # 39; An Old Bidet & # 39 ;.

The apparent surprise of Silvia's face and reaction, confronted by the situation, condemned the possible lack of knowledge of the features of the object she offered. To be sure, it was either real or just one of his ironic moments. Watch the video:

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