After Bertolucci's death, Biolay calls for more consistency at Instagram

adminNovember 26, 2018

People – Instagram lacks "consistency", according to Benjamin Biolay, since the filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci's death, Monday, November 26th. The composer condemned some sort of hypocrisy on the social network: Many cry the Italian director's death, so some days earlier, they mobilized against domestic violence. The report? The end of the film maker's career was fainted by revelations around the rape scene in his flagship movie "The Last Tango in Paris".

"Dear Instagram, be a little cohesive Bertolucci is also the terrible and indelible rape that the wonderful Maria Schneider suffers during the shooting of" Last Tango ". It's nice to paint a point on your hand. is less, 48 ​​hours later, apologizing for a song of violence against women, "condemned the singer in a post with a picture of actor Maria Schneider when she was young.

In fact, in December 2016, the American version of she published an interview by the director, where the Italian admits that he has added the rape situation without notifying the young actor in advance and with Marlon Brando's involvement. As a reminder, the scene contained the character of Maria Schneider raped, sodomized in a kitchen, using a lump of butter as a lubricant.

During her career, Maria Schneider returned several times to this moment, which traumatized her, even though there were no real sex scenes. This episode and media event that followed made her "mad," she said. "I fell in drugs – marijuana, cocaine, LSD and heroin – there was a way to escape the reality."

So for Benjamin Biolay, see his virtual friends share photos of black dots drawn on hand, code for "Black Dot Campaign" against domestic violence, so fight the filmmaker's death is not "consistent".

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