After Aus with Helene Fischer: Florian Silbereisen in love?

adminDecember 29, 2018

Helene Fischer has already given her heart back after her love with Florian Silbereisen. Also with the moderator, it should have kicked, fans say.

With the separation of Florian Silbereisen (37), Helene Fischer (34) also confirmed the rumors of a new man by her side. Only those who are their friend are unconfirmed: As insiders reveal, Fischer, along with his stage partner, Berlin Aerial Acrobat Thomas Seitel (33), is together.

As "Bunte" reported, Florian Silbereisen was already in love. The presenter, who had been with Helene Fischer for ten years, is to tie up with violinist Franziska Wiese (32)! "Bunte", which refers to "" and the Facebook fan page "Florian Slibereisen-story", reports that Silbereisen and the beautiful music will make their love employee in January 2019. "Franziska – Florian's new love", it says on Facebook -since. Misunderstood rumor or hot tip of a well-informed source?

"Would it be nice for Florian"

There is no evidence of the supposed relationship between Silbereisen and Wiese – yet his fans as speculation about a new relationship with the moderator. "Would be fine for Florian. All the best for the future!", Comments a fan. "I just want to believe what comes from the person himself. If Florian meets someone and wants to share this news, all is well, says a user A fan, however, recognizes a resemblance to Fischer: "Look very much like Helene!"

Whether the love message is just hot air or silver ice cream, has actually lost its heart to meadow, should be – if you think the fans – will soon show. (KAD)

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