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adminOctober 19, 2018

Almost four years after the release of Lenny Letter, former collaborators Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner bid farewell to the brand.

No specific reason was given as to why the brand, largely focused on a newsletter twice a week, was closing in a publication signed by Dunham, Konner and Molly Elizalde, editorial and creative director.

His announcement came a day after the New York Post reported for the first time that it was going to close.

"While there is no single reason for our closure, this change allows for growth and a change in perspectives, ours and theirs," they wrote. "But can we ask for a favor? Please continue to push the voices that need a platform, the untold stories that deserve to be heard, the diversity that the publishing industry claims to value but has never mastered."

Instead, the three focused their publication on the creatives who contributed to the newsletter and the fans who continued to read and share.

Konner and Dunham split as producing partners during the summer and sought their own individual development agreements on HBO. At that time, in a joint statement, they said their "interests" were pushing them in "different directions." Their last joint project together to date, Camping, was released on HBO earlier this month.

Lenny Letter, which was launched in 2015, was filled with articles from contributors ranging from Michelle Obama to Jennifer Lawrence, who wrote about the issue of wage inequality in Hollywood.

Dunham also interviewed Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.

In a few months, Lenny Letter reached an agreement with Hearst, which agreed to monetize and distribute it. In less than six months, the newsletter grew to 400,000 subscribers.

Lenny Letter expanded even more in electronic commerce and in a variety program.

But the brand moved to Condé Nast in February, which took over management of product sales and brand ads. A spokesperson for Condé Nast declined to comment.

However, Lenny Letter is making it difficult for readers to say goodbye. Currently, a pop-up ad to the letter greets those who want to read the ad.

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