After all, Cristina was already in love! The host tells his latest love story – National

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Cristina Ferreira is now a free woman to love, but it was not always so. The revelation was made to Daniel Oliveira during the High Definition interview.
When the interviewer asks if she is in love, the hostess is very quick to respond, "No, not really!" She says. Daniel Oliveira did not ask the answer, but asked her again: "So then was the last time you were in love?"
Cristina Ferreira was very precise in her response and did not need a minute to reflect: "It was for my son's father," and again referred to António Casinhas. The presenter guarantees that there was no reason why she would not return her heart to another person for that day.
He still believes in love, but says he never knocked on the door again. "It is not sought, it will always meet us. Today it has never happened."
Cristina Ferreira and António Casinhas are officially divorced 9 years ago after an alleged betrayal of the former footballer.

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