After a short discharge: Silvias Harald back in hospital

adminDecember 31, 2018

Even at the end of the year there is no rest for the Wollny family. Just a few weeks ago, Silvia Wollny (53) had told her fans that her fiancé Harald Elsenbast (58) had had a serious heart attack during the holidays together. Shortly before Christmas, the 58-year-old was operated on a special clinic Рafter which he was even allowed to come home to his loved one. But after a few days, then shock: Harald It seems to get worse and has been taken to a clinic!

on Facebook bring worry Silvia users updated. "You've been home for a few days, but unfortunately you have to go back to the hospital today – it can't be any longer", the river mother lets her feelings run free in public. The launch in 2019 she had definitely presented differently: "This has no end? We thought we could finish this fucking year with it, but unfortunately we start with the stupid hospital stay and new concerns for you in the new year."

Why Harald must be treated again, confuses Silvia not. But despite concerns about her future husband, she wants the fans to be the best for the new year. "I hope you are well, all your wishes can be met, dear greeting, Silvia," she concludes from her emotional post.

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Harald Elsenbast performs Silvia Wollny
Harald Elsenbast with Silvia WollnyInstagram / wollnysilvia

Harald Elsenbast with Silvia Wollny
Silvia Wollny, "The Wollnys" starSports Moments / ActionPress

Silvia Wollny, "The Wollnys" star

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