After a mother kills her father, the brothers will be ten thousand kilometers far apart

adminDecember 31, 2018

Grandparents, who live in the UK, wanted to get the two grandchildren, but one of them must live in China with the mother family

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Dec. 30, 2018, 5:15 pm

The British couple Ian and Linda Simpson from Suffolk, England, granddaughter calculated Jack, 8, and Alice, 6, to move in with them after his son Michael was killed by his wife in 2017 at the age of 34. After a legal battle that lasted since the death of the sons, the grandparents could take their grandchildren to the UK and leave little Jack with his mother in China about 10,000 miles away.

In addition, Ian and Linda will pay around £ 10,000 to the Chinese family for financial compensation. The decision was announced last week. According to them, the goal was not that the children lived apart, but that Chinese justice did not give them opportunities. "The family let us see the children once in 21 months, "Ian told BBC and complained that he could not communicate with his grandchildren.

Michael was killed in the apartment in Shanghai, China, in March 2017 by Wiwei Fu, the children's mother. They had met when the man moved to town to work, marry and raise the two children.

The couple lived in separate houses and went through a divorce when Michael, after an argument, was stabbed. Since the incident, Jack and Alice live with their grandparents Nanzhang, northwest China. The British family fears that Jack will forget his father when his Chinese grandparents do not tell him what happened to his grandchildren, Ian Simpson said in an interview.

Almost two years ago, the British family attempted to make an appointment to get the children, offered money and some kind of forgiveness in court that would reduce Wiwe's punishment, but the proposals were insufficient to reach agreement. The children's mother earns a lifetime for her murder.

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