Affetto, the robot the child who is cold in the back [VIDÉO]

adminNovember 27, 2018


Artificial intelligence develops at a crazy speed. Full of promise, they can also scare us. Proof of Affetto, the robot child not so cute.

Affetto is the small name of the android that Osaka University has been working on since 2011. A veritable technological tour de force, it fascinates (and makes brushes grow) thanks to the realism of face animations. Joy, sadness, anger, pouting disgust and other grin … the palette of his feelings is actually bluffing. Evidence in pictures:

Imitation (almost) perfect

For 7 years, the Japanese team has redirected its efforts to make the boy as human as possible. " Our latest findings will give us better control over facial movements to introduce more contrasting expressions, such as smiling or frowning, " She explained recently, reports Clubic. In order to achieve this result, the researchers analyzed in detail not less than 116 areas of the face, from the nose to the mouth through the eyes and even the tongue that is particularly well-rendered. Next step? Give Affetto an equally realistic body.

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