Adrien (love is in meadow): "Claire was in a relationship with her ex"

adminNovember 27, 2018

In 2015, M6 viewers Claire, a goose farmer, duckweed, foie gras producer and breastfeeding farmers met in Love is in the meadow. Adrien was one of the riders who came to seduce her, and he quickly touched her. Unfortunately, your story did not last very quickly, the farmer accused the young man of coming to the buzz.

Critics like Adrien came back in an interview for our colleagues from Pure Break. He initially trusted not to appreciate Claire's last words under the balance published February 5, 2018. "I zapped him"she had just launched to host Karine Le Marchand to avoid the subject, but according to the former candidate for the sixth channel, Matheo's mother (1 year) is a mother who would have played a game throughout her shooting:When she says I just came to watch TV, it's the hospital that does not care about charity! She is the first to make the show for her business (her sales were multiplied by 2 or 3), she could at least recognize it after that fact. (…). She never made it to find love, she was in a relationship with her ex [S√©bastien, NDLR] and in my opinion it had to be quite serious because when they got together they left children after three weeks. They were together for three or four years."

She turned quickly since

Adrien does not appreciate that she made it seem like "the last of guzzlers"because Claire had no trouble turning the page after their divorce:"We must not forget that we divorced from 10 July. She says everywhere I broke her heart and she became pregnant in late September, early October. For a girl whom I broke my heart to and that was extremely difficult to restore, I think she has turned the page quickly."

Finally, the beautiful brunette mentioned the rumors of Claire's baby. He thought he was Matheo's father, a gossip he refused again. He then made some clarifications: "Claire sent me a picture of her rounded stomach with hashtag #ADP, and she said you should be daddy. (…) She knew very well that it was not me. When I got the picture, I tried to reach her, but more of her … I had to wait for her last days of pregnancy and the birth of the baby to make sure he was unthinkable that I was a father. For information, the last time we saw each other, was for the week on July 14, 2015, in Carcassonne. And the baby was born July 2, 2016. I confirm that she became pregnant at the end of September, early October 2015."

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