Adio, Alexandru ARŞINEL! Unfortunately, the VESTEA SANOC of the day in ROMANIC THEATER!

adminDecember 27, 2018

The great actor Alexandru Arşinel decided to resign from the position of director of the "Constantin Tanase" Journal Theater. The last day of his mandate comes in early January, informs Romania TV.

"Alexandru Arsinel arrives on his last day at the Theater on January 3. He wanted to start the year at the Theater, even though it is his last day here, it will probably be a farewell party, he will talk to his loved ones and tell him what he wants Doing next to his life Although he still wants to play in drama, he will no longer allow him to come to the Theater Theater only if he wants to visit his friends, sources near the actor say.

Alexandru Arşinel will be replaced, as temporary, by Vasile Muraru, currently the artistic director of the theater.

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