Adela Popescu, difficult moments: I cried. I didn't like

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Adela Popescu admitted that she had gone through difficult moments after coming home from the maternity hospital.

The actor says that the relationship with the big son was a more delicate, not knowing how to deal with the situation.

"I confess that two aspects frightened me: continue to relate to Alexander and the sleepless nights, but we will take it one at a time." In the visit he made to his parents, Alexander behaved well with the baby, smiled, but he did not seem so marked to appear. He continued the discussions with us about fish, he wanted to see my doctor to eat the food only in the salon, says Adela Popescu.

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"I was with this little one in my arms and I was crying my cry"

"At home, it didn't seem to change until the next day when she didn't want to leave kindergarten and on the third day when she said she wanted to sleep there after a visit to her mom. It had happened before. I know Radu called me to tell me he couldn't go with him and advise him what to do. I was with this little one in my arms and I was crying.

I didn't want to suffer and let me observe the idea that maybe we don't know how to help him overcome this difficult time. I had the choice to leave him there, in a place where he chose him as a haven and where he still felt the most important, or to insist on coming home, which gave him the feeling that it was very desirable and that No new case is irrelevant whether we are in the house next to us or not. I chose the second option, and I think I did the right thing, "depicted the actor on her personal blog.

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