Adela Popescu and Radu Vâlcan, report one month after the birth of the other child

adminJanuary 10, 2019

The two take all appropriate preventive measures.

"I ask you not to come to us. We are cool! Congratulations on the day, my love! One month!" Radu Vâlcan posted on Instagram, describing an expressive photograph.

At the same time, Adela shared Popescu with her fans, hoping that her experience would be of benefit to others, so things happened with Alexandroso's envy of the brother.

"The next day he didn't want to go to the kindergarten and the third day, when he visited the mummy, he said he wanted to sleep there. Something that hadn't happened before. I know Radu called me to tell me he couldn't go with him and advise him what to do. I was with this little one in my arms and I was crying. #hormonii. I didn't want to suffer and let me observe the idea that maybe we don't know how to help him overcome this difficult time. We continue to take great care to be aware of Alexander and thank God that we can now. The little one eats and sleeps, so Alexander sometimes forgets that he is in the house, "wrote Adela Popescu on her blog.

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