Adamari López appears on Instagram with a very special guest

adminDecember 26, 2018

The difficult days like Adamari López lived because of a respiratory disease has been left behind. The driver off A new day little by little she returns to her daily life, always accompanied by her fiance, Toni Costa, and her three year old daughter, Alaia. After a long absence in social networks, the actor too appeared on Christmas Eve to share a couple of family photos By this special date, his smile returned to decorate the timeline of his Instagram account.

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With an asymmetric white dress that just covered the shoulders, Adamari smiled at the camera next to Toni and Alaïa. The family chose a white and red theme to decorate the postcards where their joy of being together is visible. Alaïa, who missed Adamari more than anyone at home, comes back to smile with joy and innocence that characterizes her. And to make this Christmas even more memorable, the little girl got a surprise visit from Santa's moments before she left her gifts at the foot of the Christmas tree. With her attention all the way to Santa, the girl heard a story as she inspected the magical man sitting next to her with her eyes.

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Adamari and her family spent Christmas Eve in company of Karla Monroig, Tommy Torres and his daughter Amanda, which transmits these dates after their temporary separation. Overall, they enjoyed visits by Santa before dinner sharing, which was also present at Toni's mother, who, according to Spanish, is for the first time at this time in Miami. The next morning, already at home, Alaïa, Adamari and Toni opened Christmas-styled red pajamas, the gifts that Santa left in his home.


Adamari López, ready to return to television

Adamari López's face reflects every day more on his good health and the energy he lives with every day. With an improved state of mind and physics, Adamari surprised his colleagues A new day when he, through a video, reported that he will be back on the Telemundo set next January 7th. "The wait is over because I have a date to go back," Puerto Rico said. "On January 7, I will share again with the whole family A new day. Thank goodness, I have been able to recover well, I still have several days to be completely healthy, but I am ready to come back, enjoy the morning and share them with you all, "he said with emotion and thank everyone those who cared for her.

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