Adamari López announced that she was married on her return to Un Nuevo Día

adminJanuary 7, 2019

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Adamari Lopez returned to the presentation Un Nuevo Día after having been out since October due to a flu that kept her in hospital for 21 days and later in a therapy and recovery process to strengthen the immune system. But with her arrival at the Telemundo program, there is double joy because she said this experience taught her to appreciate what she has more and decided to marry Toni Costa soon; although they have not yet chosen the date of the wedding.

"I think it's time to take the step I feared so much. It wasn't he who didn't want to, but me to take things long," he said as he explained that "it's time to take a risk without Think about what will happen next. "

The dear presenter of A new day He argued that in this difficult scene, his partner has shown him in an extraordinary way the love he has for him. Of course, before this disease, they loved each other very much, but now more because their love is strengthened in the trial, he said. The couple has been engaged for several years, but had delayed "Yes" on the altar.

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Adamari gave details of everything he experienced while away from television in an interview with his colleague Rashel Díaz.

The talented Puerto Rican even compared it to the cancer process and said her family was more concerned this time, because on this occasion she was unconscious, which did not coincide with her previous illness. Talking about his family, he said he was very grateful to them for the work they were doing Alaia during their absence and how well they were able to explain what happened after their age.

As part of her changes to be healthy, she said she would not drink soda and from now on she would listen to the body more. Although his motivation to recover as soon as possible after waking up in the hospital was to return to work; Now he knows that if he does not feel good, he will not be able to go to work, and he must learn to take more care because "we must listen to the signals the body sends us".

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