Actors' problems do not end: Cancer is back!

adminNovember 28, 2018

The pictures of the beloved Pomeje are taken to Czech media for several months. Health problems and alcohol dependence have left deep traces to the actor and registered for their mental. George stopped taking care of him, and his father and his closest friends gave him the rescue hand. But now another wound has come. After the actor has complained for a longer period of pain in his shoulder, the doctors have confirmed breach of the lonely leg.

Unfortunately, research has also revealed that cancer is one of his problems. The disease was attacked by bone this time. A bad message to the actor was announced by his best friend Pavel Pasek, who tries to encourage and encourage Pomeje. "That's it! He's back to fight this bitch," he said. He expressed himself for the Czech daily Blesk Pásek. The actor regularly visits the hospital and tries to keep him close and deliver the necessary energy.

Paradoxically, Pomeje seems to have found the strength just because of the recurrence of malignant cancer. He decided to trust a doctor, he was entrusted with the care and is currently hospital at a hospital in Prague. There he seems to spend his coming birthday, celebrating the thirteenth of December.

Jiří Pomeje in June 2018 after larynx surgery

Actors' problems do not end:

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