Actor Seth Rogen reveals mystery of "Kevin – Alone at Home"

adminDecember 27, 2018

Every year we do it again: We see when young Kevin McCallister gets home alone and wins against the narrow burglary of the cult strip "Kevin – Alone At Home." Even the American actor Seth Rogen sat in front of the TV this year – and came to an almost shocking realization: The black and white film, Kevin sees in the first part of the series, is not a real movie.

"All my childhood, I thought the old-fashioned movie" Angels With Filthy Souls "that Kevin looks at in" Home Alone "actually exists, the actor writes on Twitter.

The black-and-white movie titled "Angels With Filthy Souls" (also known as "Angel with the Black Soul") will be a tribute to the early 1938 movie gangster movies "Angels with Dirty Faces." For "Kevin – Alone at Home" However, only this scene was shot. There was a gangster aiming through a guy in a gunshot with a lot of lead, saying, "You can hold the rest, you bastard." The verdict, which Kevin later also says to the burglars, went down in film history as a reference. The more shocked are many Twitter users:

Even "Captain America" ​​actor Chris Evans can't believe it:

And also Kevin actor Macaulay Culkin won't have known anything about the movie fake – even if it's just a joke:

To put it in a sentence from the fake sequel to the movie "Angels with Even Filthier Souls", which was featured in the second part of the cult series, "Kevin – Alone in New York" "

Kevin at home alone

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