Actor can Nergis, the relentless offer certificate!

adminJanuary 8, 2019

2. Famous actor Can Nergis, a guest of the program, said, "I have received immoral offerings from women and men." says too much.

Here are the highlights of Can Nergi's statements:

"17 years out of my house"

When he was 17, he went home. I know many languages. I didn't go to the ground. I taught them all with street children, the street. I went to work to feel that country. I celebrated my 18th birthday in Beijing. When I was 17, I met an agent over the internet and I started doing foreign jobs because of him. The first Chinese thing came from my agent. We started a 3 month contract.


I lived in Thailand. In 2011, a job offer came to Tomris Giritlioglu followed by Buraya. I didn't know him, "my son comes here, I have a job, we want to give you the lead. It will be good for you." He said. I have had some interesting offers for my career. in the men's offer, I laughed abroad, these offerings to the man are also the woman … I'm going to give my dear car were they, I was 22-23 years old. even get a message from the DM that they are married at the moment, I do not see any of them.

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