Actor Ali Erkazans & # 39; & # 39; Insult & # 39; & # 39; case

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Player Ali Erkazan, his colleague Hakan Meriçliler, came to a television program that allegedly offended the case and complained about Hakan Meriçliler listening. Playing Meriçliler, Ali Erkazan said that the complaint required punishment.

"I can ask for SANI POWERS"

Bakırköy 20 The Court of First Instance, pending the hearing of defendant Ali Erkazan did not participate, and complaining was Hakan Meriçliler present. Hakan Meriçliler promised during the hearing, "The accused has insulted me at various times through the press. Therefore, I demand that the accused be punished" he said. Meriçlier's lawyer "The accused has often committed crimes of insults and threats to the client on multiple television channels. We demand that the decision be punished under the relevant provisions." he said. The court postponed the hearing due to the legal change.

On the questions of journalists following the case, Meriçliler said he believed that justice would be manifested.


The prosecution prepared by the supreme public prosecutor Bakırköy office, the allegations of suspicion of Ali Erkazan in Hakan Meriçliler. In public complaints, the public honor and honor humbles the honor and reputation of the public. In the accusation it was stated that the legitimate elements of the offenses of offense were considered the suspected Erkazan. "Insult" 4 months to 4 years imprisonment is required.

Defendant Ali Erkazan said in his defense in September:

"In my publications it is the truth that I say these words to the caretaker, but I have said these as comments. I have no intention of defamation. I do not give any public opinion. I do not accept the accusation on me. I did."


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