A man working in the bush. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, the set of the film by Mister Rogers starring Tom Hanks was seriously injured in a two-story fall on Thursday. WPXI news station reported.

The anonymous man was described as a 65-year-old sound mixer from the Pittsburgh area who took a break on a balcony between the filming scenes of the still untitled film.

Police told the station that nearby people said they heard a noise and discovered that the man had fallen off a balcony.

The victim, who was transferred to a hospital in the area, may have suffered a medical event before falling on the brick wall surrounding the balcony, the mountain. Lebanon's police chief, Aaron Lauth, told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The newspaper reported that Star Hanks, who plays Fred Rogers, was on set on Thursday, but left after the incident. The filming was canceled at night.

USA TODAY has approached the local police and film production studio for comments.

The film is inspired by a real-life friendship between Rogers and the journalist Tom Junod. Junod is represented as a cynical scribe who reluctantly accepts a task to write an Esquire profile on the iconic Mr. Rogers. Find your perspective of life transformed in the process.

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